Who We Are

Washington (Maine) Lakes Watershed Association is a small, local organization founded in 1991 by local year-round and summer residents. Our goal is to
promote understanding and
good ... [READ MORE]


Swimming Lessons for Children this Summer

The Lakes Association is partnering with Washington Recreation Committee in an effort to provide swimming lessons for children this summer.

Parents should call Ms. Rountree at 785-2287 to discuss guidelines for the classes, the child’s ability level, and to register for classes ... [READ MORE]

Open Letter to Property Owners and Lakes Association Members

The watershed includes all the areas from which water (clean or polluted) drains into our waters – Washington Pond, Crystal Lake, Medomak Stream and several others. ... [READ MORE]

Programs and Events

The Washington Lakes Watershed Association carries out its mission through many programs and activities. ... [READ MORE]

Good Lake Stewardship

We all need to be stewards.

Declining water quality can affect the type and number of fish species that inhabit the lake as well as the birds and other wildlife which make their home here..It can harm recreational use and it results in lower property values. Remember: What we do on land does affect our lakes ... [READ MORE]